How to order


How to order Tipabhuta

1. Choose your product.

 Select the product to purchase at “Add to cart“. To purchase more, please select “continue shopping” but to finish the purchase, please select “confirm checkout”. 



2. Check and edit the product list.


Select "Cart" at the top to enter the "Order" page after selecting "Order" to proceed your order.



3. Proceed the purchase Order.


You can choose the following:

- Non-Membership: Enter billing information and shipping information without being a member of Tipabhuta.

- New customers: For your initial order, billing basics and shipping information, subscribe to Tipabhuta to make it easy to order next and easy to follow. Registering through your Facebook account will be the easiest way to get the best news and promotions.

- Older customers: For customers who are members of Tipabhuta to order through the system correctly, just login without any additional information.



4. Choose payment method and delivery method.


You can choose to make a payment by sending an account transfer or through PayPal.


Choose a domestic registered delivery or EMS/ International Registration or FedEx.




5. Received e-mail for the purchasing order


Once you have completed your purchase order

You will receive an email to confirm your order.




6. Payment notification


Please inform the Payment at the website “Payment status”, within 24 hours. If you do not process within the specified time, your order will be automatically canceled.



7. Receive e-mail for acknowledgeable payment and delivery status.


Once you have submitted the payment.


You will receive an e-mail acknowledging the payment and delivery status.